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Masakatsu Takagi, Lex Fridman, Pu'er tea, and a ghost from space

Hey hey! It’s Paul. Below you’ll find the newest edition of Hey Penguin — a weekly bag of goodies to inspire you for the week ahead. Also known as the newsletter that changes every weekend. Of all my projects, for some reason the newsletter has been the most difficult to pin down every week. I don’t know why this is. I’m capable of writing a blog post a day, recording a podcast every week, but for some reason I can’t quite figure out what I want to do with this space. Perhaps it’s because these letters get sent straight to people’s inboxes. Maybe that means there’s more pressure to make em count?

My goal with my podcast/blog/videos is to inspire creators to make the best art that they could possibly create. I rarely talk about what inspires me, so I think I’ll use this space to do just that. It’s going to be one big circle of inspiration. From artist to artist to artist.

I hope you’re having a stellar start to 2021. I’ll kick off this newsletter with a thought I had while on a walk this morning.

Just because the world is going to pieces doesn’t mean you have to.

Fantastic music I’m writing to —

Masakatsu Takagi - Marginalia #13 (live)

I can’t stop listening to this. Do you see any sheet music? I don’t. It looks as if he’s closing his eyes throughout the entire performance. Just Masakatsu Takagi doing what he does best: painting with sounds. For those who are new to his work, his music is featured in almost every Mamoru Hosoda film (The Girl Who Lept Through Time, Wolf Children Summer Wars). It’s not a Hosoda film without a Takagi soundtrack.
Highly recommended.

And for a shorter introduction to his work, here’s Kito Kito. Seriously, this guy’s one of the greatest artists of our generation. Everything he touches turns to gold.

Podcast I’m pondering (because it’s way over my head) —

The Lex Fridman Podcast with Diana Walsh

A 3 hour conversation on the nature of belief, UFOs, Friedrich Nietzsche, technology, wrapping it all together around a central theme: we know absolutely nothing. Enjoying listening to bits of this every evening as I cook dinner. Lex is also the podcast host I aspire to be like. Kind, thoughtful, patient, and unafraid of a little disagreement. Highly recommeneded.

Book that I picked up for FREE at a Little Free Library and now I’m reading a page every morning while I cook oatmeal —

The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman

Picked this up a few weeks before the new year. I plan on reading it literally, as in a page a day for every day of this year, starting on January 1st. Today’s entry has me thinking about what the work I intend to do this year.

When your efforts are not directed at a cause or a purpose, how will you know what to do day in and day out? How will you know what to say no to and what to say yes to?

Tea I’m drinking in preparation for a podcast episode

Yunnann Pu’er tea. (Can’t link the one I bought since it’s not online.)

In preparation and total excitement for my conversation with Mike Newton, I bought 227 grams of Pu’er tea. This is like buying an $80 wine when you’ve never tasted grape juice. And just like everything else I do, I have no clue what I’m doing.

Speaking of Mike Newton…

New from Paul —

A conversation with Mike Newton

Coming up on the podcast this Monday (tomorrow!) is a conversation that I had with Mike Newton, creator of The Tea Letter. We talked for nearly 2 and a half hours about tea culture and what it can teach us about living. I adored this conversation. One of my favorites yet. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. The full episode goes live at 5:00 AM Pacific Standard Time at

Here’s a preview of our talk.

Sacred Tips

My post Everything I Know: Sacred Tips for the Restless and Creative was tossed around a lot on Twitter last week. For those who haven’t read it, here’s an excerpt with a link to the full post below.

YOU are not a god.

Eventually, people will notice you. You will have fans. Fans will call you their hero. Fans will tell you your work changed their lives, saved them, helped them reconnect with their father.

This is good.

But some people will compare themselves to you. Some people will put you on top the Empire State building, while they perceive themselves as no more than a sewer rat.

This is not good.

As a person of influence, you need to understand that you are no better than they are. You are still human. You are not a god. Remind your audience of this. Tell them that you are not better than they are. Tell them that you don’t have magical powers. Teach them how you did it, and how they can do it too.

If you’re ambitious and people don’t notice you yet, you’re not excused from being humble.

You are not the first person to be ambitious. You are not the first to have goals, dreams, aspirations. The world does not owe you anything just because you’ve got a head full of big ideas.

Click here to read the full post.

And of course…


How can you call yourself a podcaster if you’ve never watched Space Ghost Coast to Coast?


  • Space Ghost never interrupts. He always lets his guest finish speaking.

  • He’s fighting a Space War.

  • Enjoys sulfur

  • Loves his wife so much that it’s time for her to go to sleep

  • Knows what she means

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