Paul LeCrone's Dumpster Fire May 24 2021

Devilman, Steinbeck, Lykke Li, and other stuff

Yo. It’s Paul. Welcome to the Monday edition of Paul LeCrone’s Dumpster Fire: The Newsletter I’m Supposed to Send Every Sunday but I Didn’t This Week Because I Spent all of Saturday Night Making THIS VIDEO

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(hey it worked this time)


Lykke Li - Little bit

I first heard this song in a pizza parlor (not a restaurant, a parlor). So I associate this track with tomato sauce and mozzarella. I think she’s from Sweden? She did a song with Röyksopp a decade ago but no one heard it because it was one of those Japanese Bonus Tracks you could only find by pirating the album off your BitTorrent site of choice because Fuck You for not living in Japan.


I’m almost finished with Grapes of Wrath.

It’s a…grape book :)

About a poor family. In the 30s. In America. During the great depression and the dust bowl migration. The family just kinda, drives around lookin’ for work. Lookin for pay. They’re kicked off their farm by Bank of America (called “Bank of the West” in the book but a footnote states Steinbeck was actually referring to the Bank of America and for some reason I find that hilarious). The entire family, consisting of Ma, Pa, Tom, Rose of Sharon, Uncle John, Al, Grandma, Grandpa, Ruthie and another kid whose name I’m forgetting, 2 dogs, Noah, and a preacher stuff themselves into a truck and drive from Oklahoma to California like clowns in a clown car.

What I admire about Steinbeck’s books is how they’re so simple. So boring. It’s a book about people just looking for a job. That’s it. Now obviously a book can be about many things. A book can have layers. But Steinbeck’s books are simple at every layer. It’s simplicity all the way down. His morals are simple. His stories are simple. His characters are simple. But reading his books makes you anything but a simpleton. Reading his books is like being taught lessons in the human spirit. How we’re all just trying to get by and make it through the day. Just trying to do good for ourselves and for other people and stay out of trouble. That’s it. Simple.


(Not) There Will Be Blood

Like I said in the AFOREMENTIONED VIDEO, I haven’t seen it.

But I will.

Probably this week.

Though I did watch the first 3 episodes of DEVILMAN CRYBABY. It’s an anime. About some terribly agreeable teenager who turns into a half-devil-half-man TROGD-DEVILMAN. It’s directed by Masaaki Yuasa. I’m a S I M P for Masaaki Yuasa. Everything he touches turns to gold.

I love this scene. It’s one of those scenes you don’t show to someone who’s unfamiliar with anime because that’ll just perpetuate the stereotype that All Anime is about senseless gore and nudity and cat girls. OK it’s about all of that but my point is that Masaaki Yuasa is a master at containing senseless gore and nudity. It’s absolutely wild, but [the full scene, which I couldn’t find on YouTube] is set to perfect music and the movement is so jerky and twisted and everything about this just gives me the dumbest smile and furrowed eyebrows. It sort of evokes this repressed barbaric instinct in me, in you, in all of us. It’s very MTV, very Heavy Metal, very good.


“A ship in harbor is safe — but that is not what ships are built for.”
John A. Shedd


JRE #1647: Dave Chapelle

Dave Chapelle is not only hilarious, he’s also wise. He’s got a perspective on fame and money that I appreciate. It’s about how you treat people who don’t have fame and money. It’s about how you treat yourself if you have fame and money. Highly recommended.

Good Fucking Food

Any food after you’ve fasted for 10+ hours.

Even rotten cheese’ll taste great. I promise.


Yesterday I watched the sun set at the beach. There were about 20 people around me. Andofcoursetheywerealltakingphotosofsaidsunsetbecausewe’reallmindlessslavestoourphones but yeah it was a beautiful moment. I got home and I remembered the sunset and it made me feel good. I smiled. Memories, good memories, they make us feel good. How much is a good memory worth? What’s the price tag for a good memory? We don’t usually think of good memories as having any kind of measurable value. I think this ties into a lot of what Dave Chapelle talks about. When you’re 50, 60, 70 years old, looking back on your life, what’ll you remember? Ripping people off? Hurting people? Or being kind to people? Making people smile? You can do that without having a truckload of money. There’s a lot you can do to make yourself feel good without investing your life’s savings into dogecoin or being an asshole. You just gotta open your eyes to those moments. Highly recommended.

What I don’t like about taking SmartPhone Photos of sunsets is that it’s not the photo you’re supposed to remember. First of all the photo’s going to look like shit anyways so put it back in your pocket and just stare at the sunset until your eyes melt. You’re supposed to remember good sun sets because dark days will happen, you’ll be alone, you’ll be worried, stressed and by God you better hope you’ve got some good memories to recall to remind you that life is beautiful.


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