Paul LeCrone's Dumpster Fire June 13 2021

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Hi Craig.

New from Paul

I’m experimenting with a new podcast.

It’s called Eyes Unclouded.

From philosophy to politics, literature to psychology, Eyes Unclouded features unacademic, unprofessional discussions on topics piercing through society.

Here’s the first episode with Christian Watson on Theories of Race that are Critical.



This song played over the intro for Tony Hawk’s Underground, the greatest skateboarding game ever as far as I’m concerned. It’s got this sketchy, rough around the edges flavor that reminds me of when I was 12 trying to be the next Rodney Mullen. Sounds just like skateboarding.


I finished reading 1984. Loved it.

So, who’s prediction of the future was more accurate? Huxley, or Orwell?

I’d say both. There’s a lot of Huxley and a lot of Orwell going on in today’s world.

Want proof? Just look around you.

I’m now reading The Gulag Archipelago, aka the book that Twitter Communist Goblins with Anime Profile Photos will never read.

It’s some 3,000 pages long. I picked up the first volume, with parts 1 and 2, at a used bookstore for $3. This volume is some 600 pages long. So, it might be awhile before I talk about literally any other book.


I’m also reading Orwell on Truth, a collection of Orwell’s best non-fiction and snippets from his novels. The whole book is about totalitarianism, free speech, propaganda, you know, Orwell stuff. I want to read more ‘truth literature’ to learn how to consider information from any source and prevent myself from becoming a headline-reading hobgoblin.


Still haven’t watched There Will Be Blood.

Quote — A note from underground

Have you noticed that the most refined blood-shedders have almost all been the most civilized gentlemen, to whom the various Attilas and Stenka Razins sometimes could not hold a candle?
- Dostoevsky (Notes from Underground)

Stalin. Mao. Hitler.

Totalitarian dictators - totalitarian murderers - are not American Psychos.

Stalin and Mao and Hitler were all “civilized gentlemen.”

And they all have blood on their hands.

Food for thought :)


This will either be the best podcast you listen to or the worst podcast you listen to.

COVID, Ivermectin, and the Crime of the Century: DarkHorse Podcast with Pierre Kory & Bret Weinstein

All I can say after listening to it is



How am I supposed to Be Productive and Build an Audience when Outside looks like this?