7Inspirations: March 28 2021

Greetings from scenic my room

Hey people. It’s Paul. I hope you’re having a stellar weekend. Live laugh love and all of that.

Normally I’d be writing to you from a coffee shop. But I slept in and got lazy.

If you’re new here, (1 person): in this you’ll find 7 things I thought were interesting, thought provoking, or just plain rad. Serious stuff. Silly stuff. And everything in between.


宇多田ヒカル『One Last Kiss』by Hikaru Utada

This is also the theme of the final Neon Genesis Evangelion movie. It’s a bop. Or is it a banger? Idk. You tell me. I can’t stop listening to this. おいしいでしょ

You know, Neon Genesis Evangelion? Robbin Williams’ favorite anime? I don’t need to hyperlink this, do I? Yeah, you already know :)

Book (same as the last 3 weeks and probably the same as the next 3 weeks)

I am STILL reading The Master and His Emissary by you already know at this point if you’ve been reading this newsletter for the last 3 weekends.

I don’t speedread. Why? Because I like reading. Why would I want to speed up the process of something I enjoy? I don’t read slowly, either. I just…read. Who cares about how fast or slow I take it?

And since I’m enjoying this one so much, I’m considering giving it a second read after. I’ve earmarked many, many pages.

In all seriousness, The Master and His Emissary is shaping to be a foundational book for me. I can’t stress enough how highly I recommend it if you’re interested in human nature. It’s perplexing, incredibly compelling and extraordinarily well written.

On nights when I’m too tired to read it, I’ve been reading a page or two from The Tao Te Ching.




Where there is danger, that which will save us also grows
Friedrich Hölderlin

From, you guessed it, The Master And His Emissary


Josh Barnett: Philosophy of Violence, Power, and the Martial Arts | Lex Fridman #165

Big scary MMA guy talks Carl Jung, Nietzsche, and violence. I love this podcast.

Good Fucking Food

This bar of 95% dark chocolate.

“Enjoy your bar of dirt,” said my girlfriend.

Thanks, I will.

Tastes just like the wooden table upon which it stands.


This big ol’ lake. From last weekend’s trip to the woods.