7inspirations: February 14th 2021

SimCity 3000, Tao & Jung, Manly Friends, Trends, Robin Waite, Water, High Tide

Hey, It’s Paul. I’m writing this to you from a west-coastal coffee shop with a huge open window and my fingers are getting cold. Alas, below you’ll find your 7inspirations Newsletter — A short list of 7 things that inspired me last week. Enjoy, and cheers to your good health.


Jerry Martin — Magic City (From the SimCity 3000 Soundtrack)

What does progress sound like? It sounds like this. Video game soundtrack is a genre associated mostly with 8-bit NES samples and Chiptune, but folks like Jerry Martin crush all expectations. Highly recommended.

Oh! And while we’re on music, I’ll be releasing an episode of the podcast with a classically trained guitarist. Keep an eye out for that later this month/early March.


Modern Man In Search Of A Soul by Carl Jung

The Tao Te Ching (John Minford translation)

Did I mention this last time? And/or the issue before that? I forget. I’m still reading through this. Oh, now I remember. I said that this was one of the spookiest books I’ve read. Still is. And for the nights when I’m too pooped to read about Jung’s exposition of the unconscious mind, I’ve been reading a page from the Tao Te Ching (John Minford translation).

Movie (video this time)

“Will You Be my Friend” by Teevee Aguirre

An adult man, male, asks another adult man, also male, to “be my friend.”

Hilarious and heartwarming and true. Men need friends who are men.

ALSO: on Monday I’ll be releasing my conversation with Teevee Aguirre on all things fatherhood. Check penguinlatte.blog/teevee on MONDAY (url won’t work until then) at 5:00 am PST to join the conversation.


Don’t sacrifice your interests for the sake of a trend.

Ben Greeman

I might be paraphrasing. But this sentence has become somewhat of a profound revelatory moment for me. Creators, take some time and sit with those for awhile. The implications are massive. Taken from my conversation with friend and creative Ben Greeman.


Andrew Barry interviews Robin Waite on the How Did You Learn That? Podcast

A practical hour on sales strategies that work. Scared of sales? Read between the lines: sales is about behavior change. Getting people to enroll on your journey forward. You’re reading this newsletter because I’m good at selling you on the idea that it’s worth your time ;)

Highly recommended.

Good Fucking Food

Water. (Do I really need to link that?)

Do I write about milk again? Nah, I did that last week.

No, but really. Milk is fantastic. Plant based, cow based, oat based, it doesn’t matter. DRINK MILK.

Oh, and water. if you can’t find any milk, drink some water. I drank some this morning, mixed with some Double Chocolate Protein Powder. Hydration + Fuel = Yes


High Tides Oceanside

From today’s beach run:



“Momento Mori.”

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