7Inspirations: 7 February 2021

Carl Jung (twice), Low Fat Milk, Boards of Canada, If Anything Happens I Love You, Danny Miranda

Hey, It’s Paul. Below you’ll find your 7Inspirations Newsletter: A short list of 7 things that inspired me to create last week. Enjoy!

Music I’m digging

Boards of Canada — Seven Forty Seven

Like most things Boards of Canada, this track pairs well with dawn and twilight.

Unexpectedly spooky book I’m enjoying for half an hour at a time and then putting it down because its author was so skilled at penetrating into the depths of the human condition

Modern Man in Search of A Soul — Carl Jung

From the synopsis: “In this book, Jung examines some of the most contested and crucial areas in the field of analytical psychology, including dream analysis, the primitive unconscious, and the relationship between psychology and religion.”

What’s so spooky about a book on psychology written by some dead guy named Carl, whose work was revitalized by famed public intellectual Jordan Peterson? Well, get the book and skip to chapters 5 (The Stages of Life) and 7 (Archaic Man). Archaic Man is one of the most spooky things I have ever read. With Jung, there’s no shortage of eerie psychological insight. Highly recommended.


If Anything Happens I Love You — Will McKormack and Michael Govier

Some of the most intense 12 minutes of animation that I have ever seen.

(Available in Netflix America)

Spooky quote from the spooky book by Carl Jung

Because we ourselves are psyches, it is almost impossible for us to give free reign to psychic happenings without being practically dissolved in them and thus robbed of our ability to recognize distinctions and to make comparisons
Carl Jung - Modern Man in Search of A Soul

For more on Carl Jung, here’s a brilliant and hysterical introduction by Sisyphus 55.
(11 minutes)


The Danny Miranda Podcast with Joe Ferraro

Two powerhouse podcasters join forces. The result? An explosive hour on the art and craft of damn good conversations. Also, if I’m allowed a self plug in my own newsletter, consider checking out my conversation with Danny Miranda on my podcast. It’ll be out on Monday, February 7th at 5:00 A.M PST at penguinlatte.blog/danny

Good Fucking Food

Low Fat Milk.

Yes. Just Low Fat Milk.

I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve been diagnosed with anything. 5th grade was one such occasion. Weighing some…90 pounds…?? I forget how much exactly, but I weighed far below the typical BMI of a fifth grade boy. And so my doctor told me I was underweight. Fast forward to today, I’m still as scrawny as I was when I was 11 years old. Except now I’m actually doing something about it. I’m lifting weights and running, but because I was born with the “weight will fall off of you like dead leaves in winter” gene, it’s very hard for me to keep on any weight. So everyday I’ve been forcing myself to drink Low Fat Milk by the 3/4ths of a gallon + 1 scoop of Double Chocolate protein powder mixed in a Shaker Bottle. Why Low Fat? Because it’s delicious! So, yeah. Low Fat Milk. Highly recommended if you’re a turbo nerd like me.


A walk. No picture because I didn’t take my phone.

No podcasts, no music, just the joy of being alone with one’s own thoughts.
Highly recommended.

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